This Is Not About Taking A Magic Pill, Drugs or Hormones
Why Optimal Brain Power?
So many people live an underperforming life where they are...
  • always tired
  •  have problems focusing and experience brain fog
  • have no energy and cant get things done
  • lack clarity and often make poor decisions.
Most of the time, they feel anxious, depressed - they're not healthy!
This is the result of an underperforming brain.
Like anything else in life, there are consequencesSo, if we have an underperforming brain...
Does This Sound Like You...
  •  Do you find yourself distracted and not able to focus on the things that matter most?
  •  Do you get into pointless arguments with your loved ones?
  •  Do you often feel so overworked you neglect your health and wellbeing, and make poor lifestyle choices?
  •  Does it often feel like you have no time to exercise, you feel sluggish, low energy and find it difficult to summon up the necessary energy to have fun?
It doesn't have to be that way...
This Is About Real Raw Natural Brain Power
The Brain Superpower System is the only program of it's kind focusing on brain and cell high performance at the same time.
We are healing both the basic element of what your body is made of...The cell.
And the main controller of all your body systems ...The brain.
Allowing you to “Superperform” in every aspect of your life.

There are are the 3 steps to Brain Superpower System:
The Brain Power Code
The Vibrant Cell Formula
The High Performance Living System
"If your brain is 
underperforming, so is every aspect of your life...."
Dr. Alain Salas
Patient Praise For Dr. Alain Salas
Meg Duley, Kansas City MO
After nine years of feeling physically and mentally fatigued, I am much more focused and energetic. My mood is elevated and once again the creative juices are flowing! 
Mary Beth Alumbaugh, MO
I feel like I’m starting to get my life back! For the last 6 years I have been feeling sluggish, fatigued, depressed...Since I started treatment with Dr. Salas, I’ve been actually sleeping through the night, and I wake up without feeling dread for the day!
John Steinman, North KC, MO
 Upon few treatments, it was amazing: I felt 70% better. Now I can think clearly, I am pain free and I can turn my neck freely without pain. My energy level is sky high!!!”
The Brain Power Code
Balance Your 3 Brains: Physical, Chemical and Emotional Brain 
This is about your brain functioning optimally at the physical, chemical and emotional levels.
We use my 3 Brain technology system to remove the neurological blocks controlling your health, your emotions and physical performance so you can achieve your goals and dreams and not leave them to chance. 

Rekindle your body chemistry:
  •  Build your foundation of health
  •  Follow your sequence of health
  •  Recharge your Brain and body with Oxygen
Realign your Body
Eliminate the physical stress of:
  •  your central nervous system (80%)and your Skull
  •  the rest of your nervous system (20%)
  •  the muscles, tendons and ligaments of your body
  • the joints of your body 
  •  your overstressed organs

Reprogram your Neurological Blocks
Erase your emotional blocks to:
  •  Physical Health reprogramming for long term health
  •  Personal Relationship reprogramming
  •  Prosperity reprogramming
"I help underperforming people to perform optimally in every aspects of their lives, to reach their goals and dreams and not leave them to chance."
The Vibrant Cell Formula
Become a force of nature using the 5 forces of nature
This phase is about all the Cells of your body working optimally. We use my 5 forces of nature formula to activate untapped energy, remove toxins, microbes and poisons making you sick, robbing you of energy, and leaving you underperforming. We replace it with ONE core substance for optimal cell performance.

 ...that we breath
... that we drink  
... that keeps us warm
 ...that make us grow
... that feed us 
The Vibrant Cell Formula holds the secret to Unparalleled Longevity, Vitality and Youth...
We have been able to concentrate, encapsulate and unleash the 5 forces of nature into every single cell of your body in order for you to thrive, perform like never before and claim you Super health: Unparalleled Longevity, Vitality and Youth.
  • All natural
  •  No artificial compounds
  •  No chemical
  •  No drugs
  •  No surgeries
"The thing that I love about the program is that it is very simple, natural and so powerful ......."
Dr. Alain Salas
The High Performance Living System
Become unstoppable

Now that we have achieved Brain and Cell Power, it is time to achieve Mind Power by reprogramming your mind to support your goals and dreams to get what you want and finally live the life you always dreamt of...
Optimal self-transformation at 3 different levels:
In Your Physicality with:

  •  athletic performance
  •  ideal weight 
  •  fitness level
 In Your Relationships As a:

  •  husband or wife
  •  partner
  •  parent
  •  son or daughter
  •  brother or sister
  •  lover or friend 

In Your Level of Prosperity:

  •  job
  •  business
  •  wealth
  •  life purpose
Program your mind to support your goals and dreams
  • get rid of your toxic emotions and negative programing
  •  Set up your goals in all aspects of your life
  •  Dream Big and Start Small
  •  Finally do what you love
  •  Live your dream life
  •  Find out your Life Purpose
Ready to Activate Untapped Energy?
This Is Your Chance To Claim Optimal Brain Performance
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