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At 42 I was living the American dream… I had more money than I could dream of...
...lived in the perfect house in the best neighborhood, coming from nothing and making it. 

Realizing my dreams of becoming a doctor, living my passion. 

I was married, had a daughter, a dog, and we could travel to Europe several times a year.

By 50 I was living in my office, divorced and broke…
"I came from France in my early 30s with a couple of suitcases and my pockets full of dreams...."
Dr. Alain Salas
I wanted to become a holistic Doctor to help the ones who suffer and help people to make a difference in this world.
After graduating, I had a very busy and successful practice in Kansas City with eight treatment rooms and four employees seeing average of 200 patients per week. 

I lived in one of the nicest KC neighborhoods and making good money.

In my head, it was always work work work - it was almost like I could never disconnect. During the weekends even if I was not at the office my head was still at work!

Being very creative and passionate about what I do, I’ve always been very busy learning and thinking of new ways of helping my patients.

I was constantly gone on seminars, several weekends per month…

It was so gratifying helping all those people - they were always very grateful.

I felt that I was making a big difference.
"Now I realize, looking back, that I was not present for my family even when I was physically home"
I was not happy, tired all the time, constantly overworked and distracted...

I remember vividly that Friday morning, I went to see my Chinese doctor for my monthly appointment.

Around the end of the treatment, I could tell by my doctor’s face something was wrong.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally looks at me and says…

“Alain according to my testing I think you have chronic colon disease but we need a second opinion for confirmation.”
I look at her and ask her to repeat it to make sure what I heard was real, to make sure I understood well.

She did repeat what she previously told me word for word…

I was in shock.
So many thoughts were running through my mind…
“What is going to happen to my family? Who is going to take care of my patients? Is that it for me? What about all the things I still want to accomplish in my life?”

The next day I went to see a naturopathic doctor who confirmed our suspicions of chronic colon disease.

I started treatments immediately. A program of herbs and supplements and a more restrictive diet.

Bottom line...Here I am in my mid 40s eating healthy, taking natural supplements to prevent disease and being medication free.

Doing all the “right things’ and still being diagnosed with the number 2 killer in this country! 
"What was I missing about being and staying healthy?"
Why did i get sick?

I got so frustrated about getting sick that I went on a journey to crack the code of chronic disease.

I decided to find the missing link.

I read all the books about how to cure chronic pain and stress. I went to every single seminar on the subject. Listened to all the radio shows, podcasts, You-Tube videos, anything I could get my hands on, relevant to the topics covering chronic disease.

And you know what?

None of them really worked well for me - or my patients.

They were all hit and miss.

Sometimes it worked...sometimes it didn’t.

And they just didn't feel right
So I spent the next year getting to know and studying Doctors, healers, anybody who ever had any success with chronic pain and stress from America and abroad.

I was on a quest for sure!

I saw and learned things I could’ve never imagined!

After I learned all these things I created a program.
And it led to amazing results for many of my patients.

They could not believe how well they were feeling!!!
Patient Success Stories With Dr. Salas
Carrie Jacobs, Leawood. KS
After my first treatment with Dr. Salas, I have not taken any thyroid medication and feel great. I feel I have even more energy than when on medicine, feel more balanced since not having to ingest synthetic medicine.”
 Joann Guy, Parkville, MO
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6 years ago. Now I’ am 95% symptoms free!
Janet D, Missouri
I had been very ill for 10 years, since developing Lyme disease. When I found Dr. Salas I had been to doctors, naturopathics, D.C.’s, herbalists, all over the US and Canada. Now I have more energy, a desire for life...I am truly enjoying life now.
Finally the results were long lasting...
Their chronic pain disappeared.
Their stresses melted away.
They finally had hope again
They were able to function 
like very healthy people…
Just Imagine...
Being able to sleep soundly  
Being able to be full of energy
To increase your physical performance  

Just Imagine...
Being able to enjoy your kids or grand kids 
Being able to have fun again
To do the things you love 

Just imagine being... 
Being able to control your emotions better
Being able to increase your mental capacity
To feel like you are on the top of your game every single day

Finally just imagine being able to have brain superpowers
To live your dream life.

To my biggest surprise I found that my program was worked 
for many different health conditions. 

But not only that...
it worked for some of my high performing clients to optimize brain performance
So my patients and I were able to get things done in no time, make smarter decisions and finally be in total control of our health.

And this time we did not have to sacrifice the people we love, get distracted or be overworked. 

We can now achieve our goals and dreams without leaving them to chance.

Some of the reasons why my program works so well for my patients is because I learned:
  • ​How to release and control emotions
  • ​How to increase mental capacity
  • ​How to increase physical performance
  • ​How to supercharge your brain and body with oxygen 
  • ​How to prioritize healing 
  • ​How to remove the causes of the physical, chemical and emotional stress
  • ​How to effortlessly get rid of the toxins of your body and even prevent them to get there in the first place

I also created my own technique that my patients claim to be the most effective and fastest way to release stress that they’ve ever experienced.
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