Dr. Salas will share his unique and innovative approach to stress-reduction, 
Brain Performance and Life fulfillment.

His engaging and inspiring message will change the way your audience thinks, feels and behaves about their health and their life performance!

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Caitlin, School Teacher
There are some days I wake up and I have so much energy, and I’m happy, and I don’t have any pain - and I’m just so joyful that I don’t have to feel the way I used to feel.

Anne, Registered Nurse
I had a headache every single day. I felt like I was always in a fog. I always felt kind of drained, kind of tired... As I went thru the detox protocol, I didn’t have that brain fog anymore and I got my energy back!

Chris, Yoga Instructor
The biggest issue was the chronic fatigue…You don’t realize the pain you endure on a daily basis until you’re free of it, and your life rises to a whole new level.

Kage, 8th Grader
For 10 months Kage couldn't keep his food down. The regular doctors had him on 10 different meds, but he wasn't getting better...In just 3 days he would start feeling better, after seeing Dr. Salas!

Carol, Payroll Accountant
I actually had results in the first treatment, which I wasn’t expecting…It was a huge surprise - I didn’t think I’d see results that quickly!

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